Dreams come true! This makes people happy. I am a lucky guy, as so many of my dreams when a child, came true. If you are reading these words, you are on my web-site. Great! Be my guest! All my dreams live in here – some of them fulfilled, some still on their way.

I never forget Pushkin’s words from “The Little Tragedies”, which totally characterize the formula of harmony: “What depth, what courage and what order!” Those three features should always be present in the real piece of art. Depth means concept; courage means innovation; order means skills, the professional ability to communicate with an actor.

I got a lucky chance to become a part of the opera art, and I enjoy this experience every passing day, trying to find the answers to the questions, which this great art asks me this every passing day. The searching for these answers and the results of this research are always implemented in my productions. Everyone could see some of very familiar stories with my eyes in them.

Opera gives me the biggest treasure in the world, i.e. communicating with many different people throughout the world. In fact I made this web-site with the main reason - to enjoy the communication with as many people as possible.

The “Helikon-Opera” is definitely my lifework, and on www.helikon.ru you can learn everything about our company, its repertoire, new productions of mine at home. But I try not to limit my artistic ideas inside any walls. And you are welcome to learn about my other productions abroad on www.bertman.ru

I would love to see the territory of my web-site as a place for dialogues between you and me. If you can find a couple of minutes, I would be happy to learn more about your opinion on everything you have read and seen in here.

Never cease to dream! Dreams come true; otherwise our mother-nature would never allot us with this exquisite ability…