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2012-02-13 15:13:08
Text:Хорошая задумка сайта, с интересом жду новостей о новых премьерах. Успехов Дмитрию Бертману!
2011-08-14 01:57:25
Name:Валентина Ермолаевна
Text:Замечательный сайт, а на русском языке будет?
2011-08-13 02:10:31
Text:To dream and be the child - a part of divine mission in this world. Not to lose communication with this invaluable gift there is a great happiness of existence. Opera language - it is universal - божественнен, therefore music - a part of unconscious aspiration to divine. You are a lucky beggar, you have possibility not to forget the children's dreams and to realize them in the most great genre of art - the Opera.
2011-08-13 01:45:40
Name:Alexander Zhurbin,
Text:Bravo, Dima. Keep up!
Yours Alexander,
always in love with opera.
2011-06-22 04:30:20
Text:Красота! Поставлю линк на моем сайте.
2011-06-21 13:41:23
Text:Thank you very much for nice pictures!!!
2011-05-28 16:03:41
Name:Harro Verton
Text:Otello is the best opera i've ever seen! Thanks!