11/04/2011 The 21st birthday of "Helikon-Opera"

On the 10th of April "Helikon-Opera" celebrated its 21st birthday with the witty opera hits program. The soloists and the choir performed famous arias from operas by J. Offenbach, G. Rossini, G. Verdi, P. I. Tchaikovsky. The soloists parts were performed by the chorus, while the soloists Ksenia Viaznikova, Elena Guschina, Marina Karpechenko, Maya Barkovskaya, Marina Kalinina, Elena Mikhailenko, Svetlana Rossiyskaya, Elena Semenova, Ekaterina Trebeleva, Andrey Vylegzhanin, Igor Tarasov, Sergey Toptygin, Mikhail Nikanorov, Dmitry Ovchinnikov, Andrey Palamarchuk, Oles Paritsky, Dmitry Ponomarev, Mikhail Seryshev, Dmitry Skorikov sang chorus parts, which are quite unusual for them.

Andrey Palamarchuk and Dmitry Ovchinnikov performed in usual role as pantomime artists in Larin's ball from P. I. Tchaikovsky opera "Eugene Onegin". Helikon's artists numerous children, including newborn Tatiana Tchudovskaya, which had just became one year old, showed up with their parents in "Papageno and Papagena's duet" from "Die Zauberflote" by W. A. Mozart.

Anna Grechishkina and Marina Andreyeva tried to won Mikhail Guzhov’s heart as Marquise in "Adel's couplets" from "Die Fliedermaus" by J. Strauss. Not only opera parts were performed that evening. Soloists and Helikon's chorus sang and danced "The Flowers Waltz", "The Little Swans Dance" from P. Tchaikovsky's "Shchelkunchik" and "The Swan Lake" ballets and "The Sword Dance" from A. Khachaturian's "Gayane" ballet. "The drinking song" from "Traviata" by G. Verdi was performed by all participant of the show in its final. "Cancan" by J. Offenbach was performed as an encore to the loud applause. The directors of the concert were Ilya Ilin and Yuri Ustiugov. Conductor – Konstantin Tchudovsky.

The Artistic Director of "Helikon-Opera" Dmitry Bertman greeted everybody with theatre's birthday and thanked artists and workers of theatre's departments, spectators and friends.