10/08/2012 An interview with Dmitry Bertman in "V Moskve"


An interview with Dmitry Bertman in "V Moskve" ("In Moscow")

What is a symbol of Moscow for you?

- A symbol of Moscow for me is my theater. This is the main thing that I have. And the Bolshoi Theatre, Nemirovich-Danchenko Theatre and GITIS (RATA), where I studied. These are the places of energy, they are the most important for me in Moscow.

- What do you think is the most negative thing in the city?

- Perhaps, indifference. When I was growing up, Moscow had had a hospitality. The houses were open and tables were set ready for guests. So I always thought that people in Moscow have soul. And if we talk about the negative phenomenon now, I believe this is indifference. In recent years it has become very common. Unfortunately, too many people began to think about how to get maximum profit in a short period of time.

- What are Muscovites different from people from other cities with?

- With a rhythm of life. Moscow, like New York, has a fast rhythm of life. Anyone, who does not get the rhythm, get problems. You should have the same speed at which the action goes.

- What is the most romantic place in Moscow for you?

- Probably, it is a cliche, but I like Lenin (Vorobievy) Hills from a viewing platform. Another, of course, the Pushkin Square, and the Patriarch's Ponds.

- Would you like to leave the city?

- I still have not gone away. Although the opportunity arose a few times. Here is my theater, my friends. The city is, first of all, the environment. Your city is where you feel warm, comfortable, where you are treated well and where they need you. If Moscow needs me, I will not go away. Now I live with the reconstruction of my theater. For me it is vitally important. If it is finished, a completely new life will start. If not, I will have to think, because life would be gone.

"V Moskve"
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