17/03/2011 The work on "Das Liebesverbot" opera by R. Wagner have been started in "Helikon-Opera"

The work on "Das Liebesverbot", the only comic opera by R. Wagner, which was written upon W. Shakespeare's play "Measure for Measure", have been started in "Helikon-Opera". The premiere is scheduled for the 26th of October 2011.

In the beginning of March the stage director of the performance and artistic director of “Helikon-Opera” Dmitry Bertman met Hartmut Schoerghofer in Vienna. Hartmut Schoerghofer is a set designer, who was invited to work upon this production in the theatre. He was born in Salzburg and got his professional education in Germany and Austria. He worked in many prestigious opera houses all over the world. The idea to invite Shoerghofer wasn’t spontaneous. First of all, he is a permanent Berman’s co-author in his international productions, altogether they have 8 performances on their common list. Among them “The Rake’s Progress” in Vienna Opera (2000), “Eugene Onegin” and “The Queen of Spades” in Swedish Royal Opera (2007 and 2009), “Rusalka” by A. Dvorak in Canadian Opera Company in Toronto (2009), “Intizar” in Baku (2010). Secondly, Hartmut Shorghofer, more than anyone else, due to his origin, age and education, can brightly imagine a young Richard Wagner. Besides, the latest season the designer presented his author’s version of “Der Ring des Nibelungen” in Budapest, working with famous conductor Adam Fischer.

“Das Liebesverbot” was written by Wagner at the age of 23. He was young, talented, full of energy, he was in love, he constantly conducted Italian and French operas in Magdeburg theatre. It is all felt in the score of this great composer’s second opera. As it is supposed for the work of the young composer, its performance in Magdeburg in 1816 wasn’t successful and the opera was taken off the repertoire. Later this work was staged in the theatres of Wexford, Leipzig, London and New York. “Helikon-Opera” theatre is staying faithful to its credo to get the Russian spectators acquainted with musical rarities putting to its repertoire the little known and cheerful opera of the “twilight German genius” about the opposition between youth, liberty and independence, with their desire of sensual joys, and hypocrisy and sanctimony, veiled by the asceticism and morality.

On the 24th of March Hartmut Schoerghofer will join the production team of “Das Liebesverbot” headed by Dmitry Bertman and will see the stage, where “Helikon-Opera” is forced to work since 2007. The details of the production will be discussed.