Art director of the «Helikon-opera» Dmitry Bertman began to stage «The Demon» opera by A. Rubinstein in The Gran Teatre del Liceu (Barcelona).
«The Demon» - is a coproduction of «The Gran Teatre del Liceu», «Helikon-opera», «Staatstheater Nürnberg» and «Opéra National de Bordeaux»

International crew will work on staging «The Demon». Mikhail Tatarnikov will perform the orchestral score. The scenery and costumes will create Hartmut Schoghofer. Hartmut works with Dmitry Bertman for a long time. Among the performances of the last few years that were born: «Eugene Onegin», «The Queen of Spades», «Andrea Chénier» at the Royal Swedish Opera, «The Rake's Progress» at the Finnish National Opera,  «Alcina» at the Musik & Theater MUTH (Vienna), «La belle Hélène» and «Das Liebesverbot» in the «Helikon-Opera». The lightening design wil be provided by Thomas Hase. It's not the first time that Thomas Hase works with Dmitry Bertman. Earlier they staged the performances «Der Rosenkavalier» in Malmo,  «The Golden Cockerel» in Dusseldorf, «The Mermaid» in Toronto, «The Rake's Progress» in Helsinki and «Turandot»  in Moscow ( «Helikon-Opera»).Over the stage movement of the actors works Edvald Smirnov, the chief choreographer of «Helikon-opera».
World class soloists participates in the production: Alexander Tsymbalyuk - Prince Gudal, Hasmik Grigoryan - Tamara, soloists of the «Helikon-Opera» Igor Morozov - Prince Sinodal and Larisa Kostyuk - Nanny. Demon's canto - Egils Silins, and in the role of Angel the famous counter-tenor Yury Minenko.
Premiere shows of the opera will take place in The Gran Teatre del Liceu this year from 23rd of April 23 till 11th of May. The detailed information you can find on the theater’s website .
Dmitry Bertman:
We have united the amazing stage crew – the team of friends. I have had a close friend - Dmitry Hvorostovsky, an outstanding baritone. This year, the big tragedy happened to us – we lost him. But he had a dream: to play the Demon, and we had created the semi-concert version of «The Demon» in Moscow. Then there were big plans to stage the opera in Europe. I shared this idea with my old friend Christina Shepelman, the art director of The Gran Teatre del Liceu and she was very interested in the project. Of course we were dreaming about this show all together, were waiting for the moment when we would be able to present «The Demon» with Dmitry Hvorostovsky in the main role. But the death of Dmitry ruined many plans. We are staging this show in memory of him.