01/04/2011 The world's premiere of "Prince Igor" by A. P. Borodin in author's edition

A joint project of "Helikon-Opera" theatre and The State Central Museum of Musical Culture named after M. Glinka

On the 1st of April the world's premiere of author's version of "Prince Igor" by A. P. Borodin, performed by the soloists of "Helikon-Opera" (concert version), took place on stage of Svetlanovsky hall of Moscow International House of Music.

"Prince Igor" is a proverbial famous work. However, since its premiere in 1890 it had been only known in N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov's and A. K. Glazunov's edition. After Borodin’s death they finished and orchestrated his work, creating a version, which was logical and acceptable from the point of the censorship. But the quarter of this version doesn’t belong to Borodin. Many parts didn't sound and were never included to any further editions of the opera. The parts that sounded and is still published have survived many changes. In 1940 musical expert Pavel Lamm, who has already returned to life the real "Boris Godunov" by M. P. Moussorgsky, restored Borodin’s clavier and the fragments of real "Prince Igor". Although his work wasn't required...

At last, "Prince Igor" was presented as it was written by Alexander Borodin – wholly from the first to the last note. For the first time the spectators heard the scenes, which have never presented before, and many famous numbers and even the characters turned to be different. Prince Igor was more tragical, Konchak was younger and more hot-tempered, Galitsky was more solid, Konchakovna – more energetic, Yaroslavna – stronger and courageous. The scenes that have never performed before were orchestrated by Konstantin Chudovsky.

The soloists of "Helikon-Opera" theatre Alexander Kiselev (Igor Sviatoslavovich), Elena Mikhailenko (Yaroslavna), the Honoured Artist of Russia Vadim Zaplechny (Vladimir Igorevich), Dmitry Skorikov (Prince Galitsky), Mikhail Guzhov (Khan Konchak), the Honoured Artist of Russia Larisa Kostiuk (Konchakovna), Andrey Palamarchuk (Yeroshka), Alexander Miminoshwili (Skula), Mikhail Verbitsky (Ovlur), Maria Maskhulia (Yaroslavna's Nanny), soloists, choir and orchestra of "Helikon-Opera" were engaged in the project. The artistic director was the People's Artist of Russia Dmitry Bertman. Conductor was the People's Artist of Russia Vladimir Ponkin.