Erenberg. The Perfect Opera. Vampuka, the African Bride. "Helikon-Opera" and Vishnevskaya Center for Opera Singing (Moscow, Russia)


V. Erenberg

"Helikon-Opera" and Vishnevskaya Center for Opera Singing (Moscow, Russia)

The premiere took place on 10.04.2010

Stage director - Dmitry Bertman
Music director and conductor – Vladimir Ponkin
Set and costumes – Andrey Klimov
Choirmaster – Denis Kirpanev
Choreographer – Edwald Smirnov
Duration 1 hour 30 minutes

Dmitry Bertman's "Vampuka, the African Bride" is an illustrated ABC of opera production. The composer wished to make fun of the clichés. This opera, "perfect in every way", was written by Vladimir Erenberg, one of the founders of "Distorted Mirror" theatre, at his own libretto in 1909. The parody, which made fun of opera routine, had the great success. "Vampuka" word now means all ridiculous in opera.

The premiere of the opera took place on the 1st April, 2005 in Vishnevskaya Opera Singing Centre. By its 20th anniversary "Helikon" presented the renewed version of this opera anecdote.

The performance is a co-joint production of Vishnevskaya Centre of Opera Singing and Moscow music theatre "Helikon-Opera" under Dmitry Bertman.