Giordano. "Andrea Chenier". Swedish Royal Opera

Umberto Giordano: Andrea Chénier ("André Chénier")

Chef d'orchestre - Pier Giorgio Morandi

Metteur en scène - Dmitri Bertman

Décors - Hartmut Schörghofer

Costumes - Corinna Crome

Lumières - Hans-Åke Sjöquist

Chorégraphie - Edvald Smirnoff

André Chénier - Lars Cleveman / Gustavo López Manzitti

Charles Gérard - Jeremy Carpenter / Ola Eliasson

Madeleine de Coigny - Katarina Dalayman / Raffaella Angeletti / Angela Rotondo

Bersi Susann Végh

La comtesse di Coigny / Madelon - Ingrid Tobiasson / Marianne Eklöf

Roucher - Gunnar Lundberg

Fléville / Fouquier - Magnus Lindén

Mathieu - Johan Edholm

The Abbé / En Incroyable - Magnus Kyhle / Carl Unander-Scharin

Giordano’s opera, not seen at the Royal Swedish Opera since 1909, is a broad fresco of the French Revolution, its hopes and horrors, depicted in powerful, vivid images with a gallery of captivating characters. Opera brightly depicts how the state's transformations literally crush the destinies of intellectuals, which sadly has something in common with nowadays events at Dmitry Bertman's homeland.