Verdi. "Otello". Norrlands Opera (Sweden)


G. Verdi

The Norrlands Opera (Umeo, Sweden)

The premiere took place on 26.02 2011.

Conductor - Rumon Gamba
Producer - Dmitri Bertman
Sets, Costumes - Astrid Janson
Lighting - Ellen Ruge
Otello - Ronald Samm
Desdemona - Maria Fontosh
Jago - Kosma Ranuer
Emilia - Katarina Giotas
Cassio - Anders Håkansson
Roderigo - Ulrik Qvale
Lodovico - Lars Martinsson
Montano - Hans Erik Sundström

This is what Dmitry Bertman says about the opera. "We approach this opera from the positions of XXIst century. Our conception is that there is no more private, personal life, especially when you are a celebrity. The history of Otello is full of secrets, eavesdropping, spying, initiated by the manic Jago. The mysterious atmosphere is created in this tragedy, as in thriller, step by step. Why Desdemona went against the will of her father and followed the man, whom she slightly knew? Why Otello was so quickly trapped by Jago? Why Jago, getting the desired position, tried to kill not only Cassio, but also Otello and Desdemona?

Every character has his own secret passion or weakness, who threatens him a scandalous disclosure, as they all are in public eye. And the more carefully they are trying to hid the secrets, the more disastrous are the consequences.