Puccini. Tosca. Latvian National Opera

Puccini. Tosca. Latvian National Opera

The premiere took place on the 7th of December 2012 in Riga, Latvia.

Stage director -  Dmitry Bertman

Conductor and musical director - Modestas Pitrenas

Set Designer - Andris Freibergs

Costume Designer - Krist?ne Pasternaka

Video Artist - Katr?na Neiburga

Lighting Designer - Kevin Wyn-Jones

Giacomo Puccini's Tosca is a tale about the battle between higher ideals and desires, the new and the old, and true love and true hate. In this production by director Dmitri Bertman, the colourful interiors of Rome set the stage for the passions felt by the opera diva Floria Tosca and the artist Cavaradossi, as well as for the complex relationship between Tosca and secret-police chief Scarpia, which, in the last act, plays out in an environment certainly atypical of Puccini's operas: Tosca's subconscious.Giacomo Puccini’s operaTosca is an intense tale of the battle between higher ideas and desires, the new and the old, and true love and true hate.

Dmitry Bertman about the performance: "The story of Tosca hasn't changed, that's why the epoch in the conventional sense is not shown. The action takes place in the church, and the church is the same at all times. Jeans and T-shirts, military uniforms are not used, although a fascist uniform is used frequently in "Tosca" productions all over the world. I have not followed the path of modernity and new costumes. I have worked on this for twenty years, I had "Carmen" in the disposal dump with addicts ... But this is over. The innovation is in the different cover of the classic story. My "Tosca" is a chamber view of this great operatic tragedy. But artists are the main in the production, and I work with them primarily".