Verdi. Il Trovatore. Helikon-opera

Giuseppe Verdi

Stage Director: Dmitry Bertman
Music Director: Oliver Diaz
Sets and Costumes Designers: Igor Nezhny, Tatiana Tulubieva
Light Designer: Damir Ismagilov
Choirmaster: Evgeny Ilyin
Choreographer: Edwald Smirnov


"Il Trovatore" is a special and the most mysterious opera by Verdi. The most important factor that allows one to put it on stage of an opera house is the cast. "Today, in "Helikon" we have a collection of artists who are able to create any opera," – sais the Stage Director. Verdi was a man with a great sense of humor: in fact, "Il Trovatore" is an interesting detective story with some elements of “vampuka”. It is hard to deliver the sense of the story because the libretto totally violates the causation. But we have to solve the mystery".